Client Endorsements

Cleveland Clinic Ventures – Cleveland, Ohio

“We partnered with 3AIM to evaluate the market and determine the most appropriate path forward for the organization’s intellectual property and potential liquidation of assets. 3Aim brought an innovative and tactical approach, persistence and a broad network that ultimately resulted in a new direction and the desired end-result for the organization.”

Jack Miner – Managing Director, Cleveland Clinic Ventures

Patient Forecaster – Denver, Colorado

“We engaged 3AIM Partners very early on in our evolution as we sought product market fit and industry expertise.  Through this early work our partnership has evolved as 3Aim has opened doors for our organization, brought the appropriate expertise to the table to assist in our growth and guided us on a path forward.  Patient Forecaster would still be an idea on a white-board if we did not engage 3Aim.  The team brings an amazing attitude, an innovative approach and the experience to get the job done.”

Jeff Wadsworth – Founder & CEO of Patient Forecaster

Pieces Technology – Dallas, Texas

“We engaged 3AIM Partners at a critical time in our organization’s evolution. We had been scrambling; having generated interest from six strategic investors, increased our install base but weren’t exactly sure what was next or where we were failing.  3AIM began our relationship by conducting an organizational assessment that was 100% accurate in characterizing our market, issues and where we needed to focus in on.  The relationship has stayed strong and consistent as our leaders and board members realized the additional value 3AIM can bring to the table through their industry contacts as well as relationships with private equity and venture capital.  3AIM values relationships and follows through; they are very knowledgeable and bring a wealth of experience to the table – it has been a joy to work with the team.”

Denny Foglia – COO, Pieces Technology and Sr. Director at Children’s Medical Center Dallas

Banner Health System

From an industry perspective I see an extreme need for the services 3AIM provides; 3AIM seamlessly combines many years of health system leadership experience with an innovators perspective, the result is a challenge to the status quo of the business of healthcare.  3AIM has lived in the hospital administrators shoes as well as the innovators shoes….the team is well aware of what the industry needs to operate better; both clinically and operationally.

Dr. Seth Podolsky – Chief Medical Officer Banner Health System