A Catalyst to Innovation and Growth

Who we are

3AIM Partners is focused on reducing the friction of innovation in the healthcare industry to effectively drive strategy and promote organizational growth.

3AIM is comprised of both healthcare executives and clinicians with expert knowledge in:

  • Current issues affecting the healthcare industry
  • Strategies needed to drive evolution
  • Steps involved in achieving success

3AIM has experience working with the nation’s leading health systems, small community providers, large physician groups, healthcare innovators and start-ups, as well as venture capital and private equity.

With over 15 years of experience in healthcare and healthcare technology, we know how to overcome the challenges that come with pursuing innovation to reach your desired growth potential.  


We reduce friction of innovation within and between the health care delivery system, investment community, and growth focused healthcare technology companies. We assist health systems looking to instill and drive a culture of progressive innovation. We aim to drive attribution, consumer access, clinical quality, and organizational effectiveness.

For innovators: our focus is to reduce the friction of adoption and growth.  3AIM utilizes its broad network of healthcare executives to align product to environment and adoption, as well as investment.  3AIM brings experience in working with product commercialization, business development, capital raise, investor alignment, marketing and the overall go to market strategy.

For clients seeking capital and funding: our focus is to help reach the most appropriate investment sources; and help to pitch their unique product offerings that solve industry problems.


  • Work with Health Systems to commercialize Intellectual Property
  • Work with Health Systems to divest assets
  • Assist Digital Health Companies with the Development of Creating Value Propositions & Commercialization Strategies
  • Consult with Venture Capital Firms Seeking Executive Healthcare Experience to Advise on Portfolio Assets and Deal Flow
  • Health System Three to Five Year Plan Development
  • Health System Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services
  • Growth Framework Development – Health System and Start-up
  • Organizational Assessment to Drive Alignment and Milestone Attainment


We believe that the healthcare industry needs to change. Innovation is key to driving change. Pushing innovation back into Health Systems to assist in patient care, network integrity, network development, consumer segmentation, behavioral health and organizational success through innovative care methods must be a focus for health system operators and strategy executives.



We work with you. We get to know your business, your strategy, your growth plans, and your pain points. We help you maximize your growth through innovation. That is the 3AIM Mission.

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